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Mission & Medical Groups and our thank you!

As part of our philosophy, at Mesoamerica Travel we are daily looking for ways to help in the protection of the flora and fauna, as well as the development, both economical and personal, of the rural areas we visit. We link commercial tourism to local conservation programs working in close cooperation with the organizations in charge of protected areas, managing natural resources and community development. We support business by buying local goods and services. Most of all we encourage and create opportunities for authentic, meaningful and beneficial cross-cultural interactions between travelers and local people.

The many diverse missionary groups and medical brigades that visit our country have the same vision. We all share a strong belief that whatever we plant will be sowed in due time. We are thankful for the time, effort and work these groups do.

However, most of these groups donīt get to experience other aspects of Honduras. Their impression of the country is not complete. Honduras is so diverse, that each rural community and region has hidden natural treasures to reward the teams helping them. We merely point them out. We design special discount programs and services that include private tours for the day or with overnights in certain locations and include everything from transfers, knowledgeable professional guides and lodging accommodations to fit the particular needs of each group. We can arrange for large group travel or individual programs. If at any point any of the team members want to extend their stay in Honduras after the project and enjoy some days doing any of our many activities, either relaxing or having a great adventure, we can arrange that as well.

Reward your teams with the opportunity to see the side of Honduras they never thought existed, and let us be a part of that experience!