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The Caribbean ports of Omoa, Puerto Cortes and Roatan offer the perfect stepping off point for exploration of our exciting, peaceful and welcoming country. Honduras is home to tropical rainforests, mystical cloud forests, Caribbean beaches and islands, colonial attractions, diverse cultures and world famous Mayan and Pre-Columbian ruins.

All This And More Awaits You

Our flexibility and service vocation allows us to make any trip or program possible while maintaining high standards, customer care and competitive prices. We are convinced that good service means more than mechanical efficiency. Little things mean a lot; thoughtful touches are worth their weight in gold. We have structured our company to deliver the best service and value available.

Our Guiding staff consists of nature, culture, archaeology and history specialists. We are able to offer guided programs in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese.

Here you will find some day programs. Tour itineraries may vary due to group size.

Itineraries for the port of Puerto Cortes and Omoa

Sampedrano Day - Glimpse at the future of one of the fastest growing cities in Central America. San Pedro Sula is a modern city that does not lack Latin American charm and atmosphere. We will also visit a banana plantation to learn about Honduras best-known product, which has shaped its history. Includes traditional lunch and music or cultural performance.

Classical Copan - Early transfer to Copán. We travel through scenic landscapes until reaching Copán Ruins, where we'll visit the legendary archaeological park which consists of two main sites: the ruins and the sepulchres. Learn about the impressive 63-step stairway with over 2,500 hieroglyphs and the masterfully carved Stella. Includes traditional lunch.

Punta the Caribbean Moves - We experience and learn about the history and culture of The Garifunas. A proud rich culture and history, which can still be seen today in the many villages which are found along the Caribbean coastline. We enjoy a leisurely lunch, of traditional food and drinks (watch out for the local liquor) while listening to a Garifuna band before the fun begins, with dancing Honduran Caribbean Coast style Punta. Everyone has to try, yes that means everyone. Includes traditional lunch, music and dancing.

History and Nature - We visit a piece of colonial Honduras, Santa Barbara. We will take a walking tour to sites of interest. We finish at a local weaving cooperative, the perfect spot to find that unique gift. We then continue to Lake Yojoa, which is regarded as one of Honduras natural paradises and Pulkphanzak Waterfall. A day full of history, nature and culture. Includes traditional lunch.

Pirates, Playas and Farmers - We learn about rural life in Honduras, we visit a local finca to see and experience hands on, the daily life. We take a swim in a tropical waterfall. We visit quiet sandy stretches of beach. And we visit San Fernando Fort and we learn about its history and the pirates who for many years caused havoc along the North Coast of Honduras. Includes tropical lunch.

Itineraries for the port of Roatan

(All tours require a 15-minute flight from Roatan to La Ceiba)

Jungle Journey - The tropical rainforest with its eco-diversity is one of the natural wonders of the world. We will be led by a trained naturalist on a hiking educational tour to explore and experience nature at its best. A trip for all ages. Includes tropical lunch.

Romancing in the Rainforest - A romantic day to remember. Experience a day in the tropical rainforest, amongst rugged mountains, surrounded by fresh clear mountain streams, in a secluded first class environment all this and a gourmet lunch and refreshments. Relax or explore, either way you will enjoy. Limited number of participants. Includes gourmet lunch.

Rapid Adventure - Perfect for the adrenalin seekers. We raft the jungle river rapids of the Rio Cangrejal, class 3 to 4 rapids. Clear mountain water, rugged mountains, tropical forest and a roaring river: What a combination. Adventure at its best. Includes tropical lunch.

Cuero y Salado - Transfer to La Unión. Here we change our vehicle for a "burra" or "donkey" (man powered railway car) to the Cuero Salado Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Centre. Another change of transport this time to a boat which transports us into the tropical forest and maze of mangroves. Our boat is the perfect mode of transport to sneak up on wildlife, so keep a lookout. Includes tropical lunch.