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Only few blank areas waiting to be discovered remain on our nowadays world map. However, Honduras still offers lots of untouched areas on the verge of tourist discovery. In these areas life continues same way as hundreds of years ago, time seems to have stopped centuries ago.

The joy to discover new adventures, flexibility and curiosity are your best companions on our expeditions. Renunciation of comfort and luxury presents no problem to you because you know that unique tours to hidden natural and cultural treasures are best experienced if you travel the closest possible to the locals. The Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve for example takes you deep into the natural world of jungle and primary rain forest - into a world where monkeys and parrots still rule the woods, a world where dug-outs take you through the narrow mangrove canals, a world where your feet take you further when giant trees block your boatīs way.

Tours through our worldīs green lung are only one option out of our great range of expeditions! Excursions with a 4-wheel-drive vehicle through the wide plains of Hondurasī "Wild West" into the highlands, trips to discover our national parks mastering the peaks of Honduras highest mountains - come and explore Hondurasī hidden paradises with us! We set everything in motion and open up worlds for you to make your unique holiday experience come true!

All tours with guaranteed departures and a minimum of only 2 passengers.

Private tours in Honduras

2 days / 1 night from/to San Pedro Sula
5 days / 4 nights from/to San Pedro Sula
5 days / 4 nights from/to La Ceiba
6 days / 5 nights from/to La Ceiba
10 days / 9 nights from/to San Pedro Sula
12 days / 11 nights from San Pedro Sula to Utila
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