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Ancient archaeological sites, remote villages and interesting indigenous cultures as well as charming and historic colonial art and architecture - Honduras has a lot to offer!

The Ruins of Copan represent the highest artistic and cultural achievement of the ancient Maya civilization. The extensive grounds of the archaeological park, along with the surrounding valley and hills, embrace the remains of numerous majestic temples and pyramids embellished with thousands of fragments of architectural sculpture. These great works of art and the peaceful surroundings of the forested Copan Valley seldom fail to touch the hearts of most modern visitors.

Yet there is also a little-known but diverse collection of non-Maya archaeological sites. Archaeologists are just scratching the surface of this untapped resource and there is the potential that they might reveal more exciting new archaeological discoveries.

One of Honduras' non-Maya archaeological sites is Los Naranjos, an extensive set of ruins located on the shores of Lake Yojoa. The pre-Hispanic settlement, which is still mostly unexcavated and thought to be of Lenca origin, is made up of seven large mounds, whose heights range from three to 20 metres. Evidence from the site demonstrates some sort of interaction between its inhabitants and the Olmecs in Mexico around 800 BC, and the site appears to record over 2,000 years of continuous human settlement, up until at least 1,200 AD. Although the non-Maya inhabitants of Los Naranjos were contemporary with the Maya of Copan, they seem to have remained fairly isolated.

In the 1990s another archaeological site was discovered along the Talgua River in the department of Olancho in North-eastern Honduras. Two Hondurans and two Americans were exploring the Talgua cave, when they found hundreds of human bones stacked and placed on small shelves or in holes. At a distance of less than a half-mile, archaeologists discovered more than 100 structures. Investigations by the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History determined that residents of the village placed the bones there between 1,000 and 800 BC. Discoveries at Talgua suggest that the former inhabitants shared characteristics of both Mesoamerican and South American cultures.

Deep in the remote jungles of La Mosquitia, legend tells of a White City, the remains of a once-great civilization that disappeared leaving hardly a trace. Examining the results of a handful of archaeological expeditions and quite a bit of anecdotal information, the archaeologist George Hasemann believes that North-eastern Honduras was the site of a large and prosperous civilization that flourished between 1,200 AD and 1,400 AD. To date scores of sites have been discovered, some quite large, with structures as tall as 25 meters, hidden beneath the dense rainforest canopy. The great diversity of petroglyphs carved into the rocks along most of the region's rivers testifies to the wide reach of this non-Maya culture.

There are more archaeological sites in Honduras' neighbouring countries. If you are interested in visiting Tikal, the most physically spectacular presence in the ancient Maya World, Joya de Cerén, also called the Salvadorian "Pompeii", León Viejo, one of the oldest Spanish colonial settlements in the Americas located in Nicaragua, or others, have a look at our combined tours.

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