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Active Vacations in Honduras
....more than you ever imagined!

The diverse topography of Honduras allows for a multitude of possible activities. Mountainous woodlands, tropical pine savannahs, coastal mangroves, and coral reefs are just a few of the exciting options offered. Honduras is an ideal destination for anyone wishing to experience the richness of the tropics, as well bird watchers, naturalists, adventure seekers and explorers traveling to discover and learn about the country's wild natural environments. Stalk the resplendent Quetzal or the elusive, clear voiced Jilguero in a misty cloud forest. Become one with the white river as it rushes to meet the Caribbean. Experience exotic savors and fragrances while contemplating tropical scenery on a stroll through a lovely botanical garden.

Explore Honduras' national parks and protected areas, scenic and biologically diverse areas well off the beaten track. Hike to mysterious cloud forests nestled high in the mountains. Trek through tropical rain forests, spotting wildlife and contemplating pristine landscapes. The vast La Mosquitia region, a tropical rain forest comprised of primary rain forest, coastal mangroves, and pine savannahs, forms a significant part of the remaining biological corridor that once covered the Central American Land Bridge. You can join a Miskito fishing expedition, poling a dug-out canoe or "pipante" up a jungle river into the heart of the rain forest. Search in the sand at the river's edge for the track's of such endangered species as the tapir, jaguar and giant anteater. Armadillos, wild pigs, monkeys, alligators, toucans, red and green macaws, pink herons and many other exotic and exciting creatures also enrich the forest. In the evening, commune by the campfire with your native guides and learn about how their cultures live within an ecosystem in harmony with nature. For this group of travelers we offer a selected variety of hiking tours in various national parks.

Divers and beach lovers will delight in all that Honduras has to offer. Rediscover the meaning of relaxation and satisfy your love for the tropics while you snorkel, dive and swim off the Caribbean coast or just take it easy on a white, sandy beach. Experience the Western Atlantic region barrier reef, the second largest in the world, stretching from Florida to Brazil, adorned in Honduras by the marvelous Bay Islands and palm fringed beaches. We have selected some choice spots to offer you safe diving and vacation packages.

A thousand years away! The Ruins of Copan represent the highest artistic and cultural achievement of the ancient Maya civilization. The extensive grounds of the archaeological park, along with the surrounding valley and hills, embrace the remain of numerous majestic temples and pyramids embellished with thousands of fragments of architectural sculpture. These great works of art and the peaceful surroundings of the forested Copan Valley seldom fail to touch the hearts of most modern visitors. For more information see our archaeological tours.

Experience personal contact with some of the members of the seven native indigenous groups speaking half dozen languages that live in Honduras, observe their beautiful crafts (woodcarving, embroidery, leather craft, ceramics and basketry) and learn about their fascinating customs and history. Meet master potters, sway and dance to exotic music and learn from forest people the secret that today we desperately strive to rediscover: How to live in harmony with nature, see our living culture.

Renunciation of comfort and luxury presents no problem to you because you know that unique tours to hidden natural and cultural treasures are best experienced if you travel the closest possible to the locals. The joy to discover new adventures, flexibility and curiosity are your best companions on our expeditions.

It is the concern and responsibility of Mesoamérica Travel S.A. to insure that any of the various activities connected with tourism in Honduras are carried out in a respectful manner towards the natural resources and cultural heritage of this beautiful country.