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Fundacion Cuero y Salado

The Foundation Cuero y Salado (FUCSA) is a private, non-profit organization created in the '90s. Its target is the protection and the sustainable development of the protected area of Cuero y Salado, located in the Caribbean Coast. The lagoons and mangroves are of a special importance as they are the habitat of the endangered manatees as well as of crocodiles, while the rainforest is home to monkeys and a great variety of birds. Among others the NGO continuously tries to control the activities of banana and pineapple farmers and to avoid the total deforestation of this beautiful area. FUCSA is a member of REHDES, a network of seven NGOs based on the north coast of Honduras. In cooperation with its partners, FUCSA establishes development programs that include the education of the local population and encourage ecotourism.

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Fundación Cuero y Salado (FUCSA)
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