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July, 2013

I want to thank all of you for convincing me (and my wife) that it was safe to travel to Honduras. I'm glad I listened to you.
I stand out like a tourist. I don't look Honduran nor do I dress like a Honduran. I walk around with an expensive camera around my neck and a typical tourist day pack on my back. I don't speak more than 3 words of Spanish. And, when I visit a city, I like to walk around and explore, go into the shops, and eat in the local restaurants (I don't lock myself in my room and hide). And, my teenage son and wife (who also look like tourists) went everywhere with me.
My family spent 2 weeks in Honduras visiting all of the places that the US Government said not to visit (Copan, Cusuco, Tela, La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, Lake Yojoa, etc.). I felt perfectly safe throughout my visit. I NEVER felt threatened or in any danger. I have visited other countries where I felt unease but Honduras was a country full of friendly people. Everywhere we visited, the people were friendly and helpful. And, the scenery is simply gorgeous. Add in the Mayan ruins and it was a fantastic trip. MesoAmerica Travel did a great job arranging everything for us.
OK, in the United States we don't have armed guards standing in front of every gasoline station. But that didn't bother me at all (the security guards seemed bored).
Again, thank you!

Trip Highlights:
- Quetzal in Cusuco
- Mayan Ruins of Copan (fantastic)
- Punta Sal
- Hummingbirds at Rio Santiago (although we didn't stay there, the Lodge at Rio Santiago is very nice)
- Unbelievable Falls at Pico Bonito
- Snorkeling at Cayos Cochinos

Barry, USA

February, 2013

Hello Sonia, Rolf and Veronika:

Denzil and I wanted to be sure to say thank you for a fantastic trip to Central America. The itinerary that you set up for us was excellent and the changes that had to be made in Granada regarding the planned excursion to Ometepe Island actually turned out to be a better experience. Miguel was so good at making sure that we not only had the best experience, but that we were safe. All of the ruins we visited were more than we could have imagined or hoped for – and the lack of other tourists made it more special (although we are guessing that it would be better for all of you in Central America if there were more of us instead of less).
We will definitely be recommending Mesoamerica Travel to our friends and family. Thank you again for everything you all did to make this a wonderful experience for us.

Jennie and Denzil, USA

June, 2011

I really enjoyed Copan - it was amazing. Hotel was lovely and food was top notch. Miguel was very knowledgeable and very smart with his scheduling taking us to Copan when it was empty and cooler in the late afternoon. Drive was long but not much that can be done about that! I really enjoyed the experience very much and would like to thank you for your help in organizing it for me.

Deirdre, USA

March, 2011

Hi Sonia,
I just wanted to tell you our trip was a great success. Rolando and Sal were great!!! They were always on time and drove very cautiously and had clean vehicles. We appreciated all they did to make our trip great and always on time. Thanks for having such great vehicles and caring and on time employees.

Brad A., USA

September 20th, 2010

Rolf and Sonia, thank you again for all of your help! My family had a wonderful vacation in Honduras. All of the accommodations were top class and the activities were outstanding! Miguel especially made the trip for us. His personality was fantastic and just a joy to be around. He was exceptionally knowledgeable about the country and truly gave us a wonderful experience. We would definitely love to come back one day and spend some more time in Honduras. Thank you again I greatly appreciate everything you did for our family!!! Best wishes on your travels and success in the future.

S. Hall, USA

June 24th, 2010

My daughter and I went on your Best of Honduras tour from April 7-16th of 2010, with Eli Gonzales as our guide. I wanted to write and tell you that he is an incredible guide and we had a wonderful time. He was charming, knowledgable and made us feel safe and comfortable. He skill and interest in our tour made our vacation "a once in a lifetime experience." I would recommend him (and have recommended him and your company) to anyone one who is interested in seeing Honduras or Central America. We also had a wonderful time with both Albert and Mark from Garifuna tours. They were great guides with a personal touch. If there is something that I would have changed on this tour, it would have been to go to the Bay Islands for a couple of days rather that be at both Tela and LaCeiba. I would also not have done 2 boat rides on the same tour. But I want thank you for a wonderful adventure with wonderful guides. We sorely missed Eli after being with him for 6 days.

G. Callaghan, USA

June, 2010

We took a trip through western Honduras with guide Eli Gonzales. From the moment we met Eli at the airport we knew our trip would be a very good one! Eli was personable, knowledgeable, considerate, and best of all had a wonderful sense of humor. We customized our trip by combining some of the shorter outings to personalize our trip. Our primary focus was birding. We traveled to Cusuco National Park where we were hosted by a hospitable local family in the village of Buenas Aries. While we were there, Eli made an extra effort for us to see the Resplendent Quetzal! Our trip continued to Copan where we stay at the very nice Hotel Marina Copan. We toured the Mayan Ruins which was a highlight. Eli was an expert regarding this interesting history of Honduras. The Cerro Azul Meambar National Park and Lodge was our next stop. This area was our all around favorite for birding, hospitality, and lodging. A highlight there was to watch White-collared Swifts going to roost behind a waterfall. Near Lake Yojoa we visited Los Naranjos Ecology Park with incredible board walks and raised gravel paths through the diverse habitat. Here Eli proved to be a true naturalist when he rescued four large, skinny iguanas trapped in a cement basin. The Montezuma Oropendola colony and various hummingbirds feeding on Heliconia were memorable. Overall we had a grand trip and look forward to traveling with Mesoamerica and Eli Gonzales again!

A & P Tubbs, USA

April, 2010

Dear Eli We are back in Switzerland. We still remember the phantastic journey to and in the moskitia coast / Las Marias in your most welcome company und under your very competent guidance. We will never forget this experience. We still think about it every day. Thank you very much for all you did for us. We feel very grateful to you. Miguel Raymundo told us that you became ill shortly after our journey. We are very sorry about that and hope that you will completely recover very soon. I send you a picture of the chameleon we saw thanks to you and Mariano. A few more pictures will follow in separate mails. Take what is of use to you and delete the other photographs. If you should need pictures in higher resolutions, please let us know. Once again we can only thank you very much again. You made our journey in the moskitia coast so valuable. Best regards

F. & J. Wegmann, Switzerland

September 2008
The hotels were good and nicer than I expected (for a student trip that is). The Mayan Princess was by far the nicest of the three. I found the staff to be friendly at Hotel Villas Telamar and very friendly at the Mayan Princess Beach Resort. The breakfasts at all of the hotels were great. The pools and outdoor experience at all 3 hotels were great.

I really enjoyed Roman. He was fun and had a good wealth of knowledge about Honduras. He was also very concerned that we had fun and were safe. Roman was very friendly, spoke English very well, and demonstrated a genuine concern for us if we needed something (getting first aid supplies for someone who fell, stopping to buy toiletries, help with buying a shoe after someone lost his rafting, and helping us with general Spanish vocabulary). Roman knew the area well. Roman had a good, sarcastic sense of humor, significantly contributed to the smoothness of our trip over the first half of the week, and was enthusiastic about being our guide and showing us his country. If I were to repeat this trip, I would be happy to have Roman as a guide again.

Random Walks Trip 1

Miguel was an excellent guide. He perfectly knew the region, he was friendly and kind and took care of us. I really liked Miguel and would use him again. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and punctual. We could not have had a better guide.

The dolphin swim and whitewater rafting were by far my favorite activities. They were both amazing. I really liked the facility for the rafting and zip lining - it was nice, clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The program was diverse and complete. The best meal was the welcome dinner without a doubt. We visited a restaurant called Expats in La Ceiba, which was nice.

Random Walks Trip 2


13th July, 2008
Dear Paola,

It was so nice meeting you our last night in Honduras - you are a lovely and caring person and it was so great making your acquaintance. Certainly, I will give the highest recommendation to anyone that asks for Mesoamerica and especially you. When you come to California, you are welcomed at our guesthouse…we are half way between L.A. and San Francisco.

Shields, USA

24th June, 2008
Dear Mesoamerica,

In March this year we had a wonderful experience of touring Honduras with your assistance. We hereby would like to send our appreciation to Mesoamerica personnel who helped us and organized our trip.
Before choosing Mesoamerica as our tour operator I was corresponding with more than ten other tour operators in Honduras. The only company that sent me immediate and relevant information was Mesoamerica. Our trip in Honduras, from Tegucigalpa northwards, visiting the national parks on our way, was flawless and enriching. We would like to thank the team of Mesoamerica for helping us, especially Paola Carias who prepared the logistics and Roman Dominguez who drove us and guided us around beautiful Honduras. Roman drove us safely, with a lot of care and responsibility.

Thank You All,

Tamy & Yoram, Israel

28th April, 2008
Dear Mesoamerica

It is finally raining for the first time since I have been home, so am inside for a bit. The trip was great! Jorge really knew his birds and took us to places I suspect he has not taken most other people! We love to hike, so he had us on the trail from daybreak to sundown! We saw 250 species of birds, many of them new for us. We saw a lot of the Honduras countryside to boot. It is beautiful! Usually we bring on the rainy season, but we counted five drops of rain while we were there. We took an afternoon off and went on a river rafting tour from the jungle lodge that was EXHILARATING!!!!!!!!
Our accommodations at the community center right above the jungle lodge were large and good except a few mosquitoes because of the metal roofing not being tight. We had a great time with folks at the national parks! This is also the first vacation I have been on in YEARS (at least 7) where I did not come home with some bacteria or parasite. Unbelievably more enjoyable that way!
Thank you again for putting our tour together and we are sorry we missed you! The country is small enough that we ran into the Dutch woman birding with her son. I thought for sure we would find you somewhere too. If you have any specific questions, just ask.

Dreaming of our next adventure!

Sally, USA

11th April, 2008
Dear Mesoamerica,

We gave Juan Carlos the feedback sheet but of course it only covered the first 6 days when he was with us. Happy to give an overall perspective. The main feedback is that we had a great time and would recommend it to others.

1) Juan Carlos was a great guide and took very good care of us. He was a carefull driver which we really appreciated. The van was very comfortable as well.
2) The accomodation was excellent at all the places we stayed. Tela resort was very nice but the staff could be a little better trained in hospitality. We really did not have a problem but noticed this in part because people were so hospitable at all the other places.
3) The itinerary was also very good, including all the excursions, etc. It would likely have been better to go to Pico Bonito first thing in the morning instead of mid afternoon as there is not much to do in Ceiba and a lot of options at Pico Bonito.

Thanks again for all your help in this. You always got back to us quickly and helped make things happen that were lagging.

Rick and Rosalind, USA

17th September, 2007
Dear Mesoamerica,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this...

So, here we go:

When meeting Juan in the morning, we saw immediately that we were going to come along very fine and probably have a lot a fun with this guy; which turned out to be very true…
We took of to Meambar NP. Arriving there everything was OK, two cabins were ready for us (one for Steven and me and one for Juan) and we spend the evening under the stars in the middle of the forest.
The next day another guide from the NP joined us for our very hot trip in the forest, beautiful experience…
Also the hotel in Copan (Marina Copan) was very nice. The Copan Ruins were also quite impressive, only the guide we had there (I believe his name was also Juan) seemed a bit in a hurry, he did his explanations very fast and then quickly ran off to the next thing to explain; but all taken in consideration, it was OK. The next day Juan arranged a trip to a Coffee plantation and we visited some hot springs in the neighborhood. Both a really great experience. When leaving Copan we first went to Miami to see the Garifuna community there which was very very nice; this idea came from Juan and we are really very pleased to have seen this. We had a boat trip in the mangroves there and then had a fish dinner there (that is, Steven and Juan had, I’m not really into fish). The fish seemed to be extraordinary… We left the Garifuna village and took off to La Ceiba. This is where, unfortunately, Juan and us separated.
A summary about our guide, Juan Carlos Molina: a really great guy with whom we had a lot of fun, he had lots of great ideas about places to visit (coffee plantation, hot springs, Garifuna, but also bars and restaurants in the places we visited), he knew a lot of people in every village / city, which was also great.
The trip to Roatan with the ferry went fine and the hotel in Roatan (Paradise Beach Villas) was very nice also, very idyllic scenery. Too bad there is not a lot to do around West Bay, so we took the water taxi to West End and went diving there for two days. The trip back to Tegucigalpa went smoothly and also the hotel had a room with two beds ready for us. And of course, we don’t want to forget all the wonderful work and efforts you have put into this which made the whole trip possible. Thanks a lot again.

Andy and Steven, Belgium

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