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The radio is the most common entertainment and information tool with about 100 radio stations throughout the country. Television is privatised (9 private television stations) and regional. Cable television is also widely available. The four daily newspapers in Honduras are El Tiempo, La Tribuna, El Heraldo and La Prensa and two weekly news-magazines (Tiempo del Mundo, Honduras This Week). Honduras This Week is an English – language newspaper. Magazines are more rare and mostly imported.

Medical Attention:
In larger towns and cities good quality private hospitals can be found that can handle most ailments. Pharmacies (Spanish: Farmacia) are widely available throughout the country, staffed with most pharmaceutical drugs, many without prescription. Basic drugs can be bought as well in supermarkets and small shops “Pulperias”.

Mosquitia Region & Rio Platano Biosphere:
A visit to the Rio Platano Biosphere is something that we hope you truly enjoy. This kind of Eco-tourism is very unique as is this beautiful region you will visit and explore. It hasn't been over trodden by mass tourism, there is no huge infrastructure or outside investment, this creates a very special eco-experience. Our support of the small locally ran and owned tourism industry benefits the local communities and economy directly. This income provides a positive alternative for the local communities instead of slash and burn agriculture, hunting or logging. A positive step in a sustainable direction! To view our Moskitia and Rio Platano Biosphere tours click here.
Respect for the culture and the natural environment are required from visitors at all times on trips to La Mosquitia Region. Traveling in this remote area is coarse and rustic but real and adventurous. Travel conditions demand strength, tolerance, flexibility and understanding. Please let us know if you like to get more information about this unique part of Honduras!

Most film and photography equipment should be brought from home. It may pay to bring it along with you. Even if you find what you are looking for, the price is always higher as if you had brought it from home. Please keep in mind that some people do not like to be photographed. To show respect for the people and their culture, please ask before taking a picture.

Honduras has a population of approximately 8 million inhabitants. The cultural and ethnic majority consists of a mixture between native, indigenous cultures and Spanish descendants. There are plenty different Ethnics, e.g. the Lencas, the Chortis, the Xicaques, the Garifunas, the Miskitos, the Pech and the Tawahkas. Please find more detailed information in our chapter Ethnics. To view our culture tours click here.

Public Holidays & Special Events:
Almost all of the cities, towns and communities in Honduras have a "Patron Saint" and their saint´s day is usually an excuse for a celebration. Some celebrations are up to weeks, ending on the actual patron saint´s day. However, the official Public Holidays should be considered, as this might cause that some places are closed to the public.

- January 1st: New Year´s Day
- Easter Week: Beginning on Wednesday at midday and until Easter Sunday
- April 14th: Day of the Americas
- May 1st: Labour Day
- September 15th: Independence Day
- October 3rd: Francisco Morazan Day
- October 12th: Columbus Day
- October 21st: Armed Forces Day
- December 25th: Christmas

Due to flight delays, weather conditions or unforeseen reasons you have to be always prepared for changes in you itinerary. Do it just like the locals: be tolerant and keep calm!