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Mesoamérica Travel is an incoming Tour Operator with its head office in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We organize and manage tours in Honduras and the neighbouring Central American countries for individual travelers or small groups as well as incentive trips all tailored to service your needs. Our trips vary in length and focus, from one-day adventures and tours to longer, all-terrain and multihabitat itineraries. Our offer includes nature and adventure travel exploring one of the world's most magnificent wildernesses: the jungles, mountains, forests, rivers, and coastlines. Our location and knowledge enables us to offer combined itineraries with Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Our staff has a high average of experience in the travel business. We have specialists in all major aspects of travel, multilingual of course. Mesoamérica Travel has a qualified guide staff who are trained naturalists, skilled in translating complex scientific information or ancient history into interesting and easily understandable terms.

Mesoamérica Travel strongly believes that tourism is a justifiable activity if it does contribute to the protection of flora and fauna, the prevention and repair of environmental degradation, the economic well-being of local communities, the respect and tolerance for our cultures; we work daily to translate these beliefs into action. We link commercial tourism to local conservation programs working in close cooperation with the organizations in charge of protected areas, managing natural resources and community development. We support business by buying local goods and services. Most of all we encourage and create opportunities for authentic, meaningful and beneficial cross-cultural interactions between travelers and local people.

Honduras and the Mesoamerican region is a hauntingly beautiful and incredibly diverse region. Blessed with outstanding archaeological sites, heritage of the ancient Maya civilization. The endless tropical beaches and islands are perfectly positioned for scuba divers, island and beach lovers. Here you will find national parks and protected areas, pristine landscapes, cloud forests nestled high in the mountains. The vast Mosquitia region, a tropical rain forest comprised of primary rain forest, coastal mangroves, and pine Savannahs, forms a significant part of the remaining biological corridor that once covered the Central American land bridge. An exciting, yet peaceful friendly region on the verge of touristic discovery.

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Discover Lands of Contrasts

In 10 days through Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. On our 3-country-journey you visit impressive archeological sites; learn about life in Mesoamerica before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, and the living together of natives and Spaniards. This tour includes visits to the artistic Mayan site Copán, the Salvadorian Pompeii Joya de Cerén, as well as the colonial towns of León and Granada.
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